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The symbol of yin & yang, a symbol of balance, the balance of our feminine and masculine energies.


The feminine being the yin and masculine being the yang.

Traditionally yin is represented as black and yang as white but in this symbol, I have used cool and warm colour’s to demonstrate the nature of both energies instead of black and white, which in the eyes of some can be misunderstood as evil and good or race which both do not honor its true essence. In this symbol we can deeper understand the teachings of yin & yang and it’s sweetness of polarities. The importance of them both in the coming home to more of our equilibrium.


One is not more important than the other.


Yin being the feminine, cool, receiving, bringing beauty and life to the world, restful, connected to the energy of the moon.


Yang being the masculine, warm, giving, consciousness and the container to hold, protect and bring logic, active, connected to the energy of the sun.


Both reside within us all men, woman and those who associate with no gender at all.


These are represented by dots of opposing colour’s, the energies within the energies.


  • This product is delivered as a PDF file for self print.
  • Although this image can be printed whichever way you prefer it is recommended to be printed on 310gsm Ilford Galerie Smooth Cotton Rag at a professional printers.
  • Please note colours may vary slightly due to differing display's and the printing process.

Yin & Yang Print - Self Print

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