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The primal and no fucks given essence of the wild woman full of rage turning passion, after years of suppression she is making her come back. She rises and with it we feel, everything.


The pain’s, the anger, the disrespect, the dishonor, the sadness and shame, and once felt we transmute these energy’s into pleasure, desire, self-expression, expansion of the soul, confidence, creativity, activism for something bigger than ourselves and reconnection to every piece of us not just the pretty and patriarchal accept bits, but fucking ALL of us. You are not here to be only the nice girl, the pretty, loving, kind and friendly girl, you are multifaceted, and the wild woman expresses it all the good, the bad, the ugly. She is HER and life herself and by honoring and integrating her energy we live fully through her.


Her archetype is connected to the sacral chakra as represented in orange.

- painted on 200gsm, cold pressed cotton fiber, acid free, lignin free watercolor paper using professional grade Windsor and Newton paints.

-A4 Size

- originals are carefully packaged and sent flat between card.

Wild Woman - Original

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