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I channeled this energy whilst standing on the beach, wild wind riping through my hair and the stormy wave's crashing at my feet, healing my heart in the midst of separation from my son’s father.


She is a symbol of strength in adversity, a warrior woman who in the face of inequality and unjust happenings in life, rises with ease and grace after falling into the depths of her shadow.

She fight’s for what is important but leave’s her pride to fall away as she understand that fighting for the nonsense exhaust’s but fighting for love is what matter’s in the scheme of her life. She stands for us, for our Earth, for her son, for her daughter, for her lover’s and her friends. She stands for HER and she fight’s for her right to be free and loved.

This one is for those who need her strenth and to remember their own. Those whom are cultivating the strength to stand for what matters and is true to them in this lifetime. 


  • This product is delivered as a PDF file for self print. 
  • Although this image can be printed whichever way you prefer it is recommended to be printed on 310gsm Ilford Galerie Smooth Cotton Rag at a  professional printers.
  • Please note colours may vary slightly due to differing display's and the printing process.

Warrior Woman Print - Self Print

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