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Woooh Mama do we have some baggage to work through.

I am a huge believer that we as woman (and men) can carry the pains, hurts, blocks, expectations, attitudes, mindset and habbits that have been passed down from our mother, who carried the past of her mother, who carried the lessons from her mother and so on the story goes.

These pains can often be long overdue for a revamp as, well, time, events, and life has changed a wee bit since our great, great, great, great grandmother was around. 

These past's that we can carry down our mother line can hold us back in life, in love with ourselves and with others, in sex and of course our relationship with our own mothers.


I have created this guided meditation to aid you in the healing process of releasing the pains of your mother line. Leaving you with a clean slate to make your own rules, to do life your own way and to gain a fresh perspective on and understand better your mothers.

Keep your soul open to recieving, to change, to love and to understanding yourself, your past, your present and your mama and enjoy the rollercoaster of healing lovely!


So much love

Amy Dee xxo

Healing Your Mother Line Meditation

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