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A protective painting, painted with the intention to protect you from unauthentic, emotionally unavailable, ill-intentioned and unkind lovers, place this beauty in the love corner of your house (check out a bagua map in accordance with Feng Shui) or in a special spot of your boudoir.


The original Evil Eye has been found through thousands of years of history through many cultures from Latin America, some Asian countries as well as Greece and Turkey and traditionally 4 layers of blue, white, and black and is most commonly used to ward off evil intentions or to absorb bad intentions, although the meaning of the symbol varies from person to person, culture to culture.


  • This product is delivered as a PDF file for self print.
  • Although this image can be printed whichever way you prefer it is recommended to be printed on 310gsm Ilford Galerie Smooth Cotton Rag at a professional printers.
  • Please note colours may vary slightly due to differing display's and the printing process.


Evil Eye Print - Self Print

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