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Anna Gibbons - Rental Agent, Mama,

"I first went to see Amy a couple of years ago when my long-term relationship ended. I was going through a uncertain but exciting time and it was good to get a bit of confirmation, guidance and strength through my session with her. Since then I have seen Amy numerous times for various reasons over the years and each time I have left the session feeling calm, empowered and excited and each time I feel I personally grow with the happiness of myself. Her sessions give me intention. I love the idea of tapping into the universe to provide me with just what I need, each and every time. I recommend Amy to everyone!"

Donielle Brooke - Fashion Entrepreneur 

"After a crazy couple of years, I decided I wanted to get some intuitive healing. I was recommended to see Amy by a friend. I really enjoyed the session and felt it helped me a lot, so I decided to keep seeing Amy as often as I could. She worked with me on a number of personal things and was always so professional, insightful and the appointments were beautiful and healing for me. I couldn't recommend her enough and I often do, to all types of people in my life!"


Laura Paewai - Mortgage Broker, Mama

"I came to Amy in a very confusing time of my life. I had no direction at the time and was so miserable. Amy opened up parts of me that I never knew existing. She was able to pinpoint pivot moments in my Childhood that had a lasting impact on me as an adult. She was able to help me sort through the fog that was going on in my mind and helped me get back onto the right path. Amy you are absolutely incredible. A down to earth, real beautiful woman"


My Offering's

Want to work with me face to face via zoom? These are your options:

1:1 Soul Support Session Solo via Zoom

An intuitive coaching session combining tantric support, energy work, intuitive guidance + yarns for singles.

$160.00 NZ Dollars

1:1 Soul Support Session Couple's via Zoom

An intuitive coaching session combining tantric support, energy work, intuitive guidance + yarns for couples.

$240.00 NZ Dollars

You can book your session here:



Short on time or availability? Maybe a recorded reading would suit you better?

Want to purchase a recorded reading, session or workshop to listen too and practice in your own time? Pop over to my shop here:

We Have:



Parties, groups and events:

Book me for your next event, party or group get together!

We can personalize your experience depending on the group and what your focus is. 

Some content idea's of party/group session's can range from:

  • Psychic sexy advice

  • Mini messages from your "higher people"

  • Tantric practices and teachings

  • Learn how to give a bomb massage

  • Women's empowerment

  • Deeper intimacy for couples or friends

  • Spiritual and intuitive development 

Priced from $300.00 NZD

Email Amy to inquire:




Hey Sexy Soul!!

A soul support session with me is like a deep and meaningful, soul clarifying, self aligned, truth bombing, loved up chit chat with one of your best soul sissy’s.

Inspired and enhanced by the connection we will make with your own personal team of soul cheerleaders (the higher peps is what I like to refer to them as) that are truly, available to you at all times, I will help, support, encourage and inspire you to navigate through the challenges life can present in any aspect from love, life, soul and sex.

Something to be aware of before we work together babes! While I have and can connect to many aspects of the spiritual realm I choose not to focus on bringing through messages from spirit aka any loved ones past over, purely because I do not feel this to be my calling and is not what I have been asked to serve up to the world. I like to leave that to those who specialize as mediums and do a bloody fabulous job in doing so.

I can not and will not predict your future as it is FOREVER changing and in my experience can become pretty confusing for the receiver of such information, because honey, you truly are the createress of your life and can change your future at any given moment. I can of course see future possibilities and options which we can discuss but please understand nothing is ever set in stone. 

I will also not tell you how to live your life, or make any decisions for you.

What I can do and help you with in my session's are any of the following:

~ Help you connect deeper to your own inner mystic. Encouraging your own spiritual development and soul growth.

~ Tune intuitively into where your energy is at in the present time, how you are feeling and what the bloody heck maybe going on in your life to make you feel all the feels that you maybe feeling.

~ Support you in discovering clarity, deeper understanding and truth in any situation that maybe leaving you pondering, worrying or searching. Lets get down to the nitty, gritty babes.

~ Help you develop, awaken to and deepen the sense of love you may or may not have for your sweet af bod.

~ Support you through any tough shiz that maybe arising in the self hate department. I get it living in a human body can sometimes be tough, especially when our beautiful bodies don’t measure up to what society has programmed into us to be “normal”. What is normal after all honey?! Diversity is totally the new norm.

~ Bring clarity and understanding to any sexy blocks that maybe arising for you in your sex life.

~  Support you in changing and opening your sexy mindset to differing ways of believing and doing. Helping you to welcome into your life, a sex life that is aligned with soul truth and freedom to be the true and sexually wild you, instead of hanging out in a mindset of shame, suppression, fear, pussy phobia and any other stuff that maybe coming up for you.

~ Help you to welcome in and create a relationship that you friggen LOVE. With yourself first followed by a big fat serving of love to the relationships surrounding you. Romantically and platonically 

So as a summary babe’s, the main themes of my session’s are:

Soul Beauty – Yes this is toates about self love shiz. This is about the shame, persecution, disgust, frustration, self worth, abuse, anger and sadness we can often feel around our physical selves.

I support you to connect deeper with that inner beauty that lights up the friggen world.

I support you in re-learning to love and accept your sweet self, the way you were always meant to before society fecked shit up.

I also have 10 year’s experience working as a beauty therapist inclusive of managing salons, so I have a LOT of practical tips and tricks to support the soul adjustments in the growth of your soul beauty.

Life Guidance - What to do with this big beautiful life of yours?! Living your life away from fear and full of colour  and heart bursting joy is what my focus is on in my sessions honey. As well as other things that maybe coming up for you of course.

Sexy Stuff – So yeah, I bloody LOVE sexy yarns and the majority of my sessions at some point relate back to sex as a core. In many of my sessions I support woman in working through many different mental and energetic blocks that can occur in relation to our sex lives. Fear, shame, trauma, family teachings (or lack of teaching), pussy phobia (a fear of our sexy bits being seen), menstrual magic, low libido, and recreating your sexy mindset are some of the many things we can include in our session together. I help you to view sex from a more positive, loved up and soulfully connected perspective, and hold a safe space for all levels of sexy development. The conservative to the wildly liberated.

Break Ups – Freaking the fuck out? Struggling to find the balance post separation? Ready to call back your mojo but not sure where to start? I’ve been there honey and I get it, break ups can seriously fuck your shit up for a millisecond huh! I help to support you through this time that can often feel like you have hit rock bottom and left you floundering in no man's/woman's land. Let's get you healthy babes, and back on soul track.

Relationships – Okay so I’m not a couple’s counselor obvs, but I can support you in your relationship growth. The growth of yourself and how this inspires a healthy relationship. Navigating fear and confusion in relation to you lover. I help you prepare to welcome in and manifest the lover of your dreams. I support you in redefining and recreating a relationship that feels good, honest and truthfully free to you. I help you call back, remember and remain in your power as you connect with a soul lover, I know the truth can often be lost in the whirlwind of what can be the deep love for another. I also help you to navigate through limiting blocks that can surface within relationships stemmed from society, family, culture and many other beliefs we have been told to believe.

Mystical Shiz - Of course this is a BIG topic that arises in the majority of my sessions. I can help you connect to your own form of spiritual self, support you on your own spiritual journey, cheer on any spiritual and soul development and growth moments and help you keep your energy clear, calm and full of light as the magic shifts. I am also VERY aware that awakening to your light, your magic and your intuitive voice can be just as challenging, emotional, and for some scary as it can be AMAZING! So I love to support other mystical babes shine their light in a way that feels good and true to them, and to do everything in my power to encourage you to become your own guru! We need your light so please be brave enough to share it babes!

Sound good? Lets do this!!

I am so excited to connect lovely!

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