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The Return Of Heart Break - Breaking Beliefs

Why is it when we part with someone. There was in most cases a perfectly good and sane reason to move on. But sure enough before we know it, in a lot of cases, we seem to forget all the screaming and hard feelings.

It's almost as though the magical break up fairy has come along and dusted away all the serious stuff and left you only with feelings of longing and loved up memories. Break ups can be a confusing time I know, but I think it is so important to acknowledge where these feelings are truly coming from.

Of course there situations that you will still hold some form of love for your ex. Especially if it was a long term relationship. This is a generalised post as all relationships are unique and hold a different purpose, place in our lives and the outcome will always depend on our personal decisions. But hey it's always good to experience some food for thought right.

I believe the people who cross our paths especially when there is a soul connection have a purpose on our life journey. But quite often that purpose is not always one of forever love but can be easily mistaken as this. Sometimes that purpose is to teach us beautiful loving or hard lessons and sometimes we will always hold love for a person no matter how toxic or unauthentic they maybe for our path in that current time. That love steams from the soul binding we once held and the lessons and experiences we went through together.

There are still lessons for our soul even in and sometimes especially in the toxic circumstances, but it is the challenge of actually being present and awake long enough to acknowledge and learn the lesson presented, that trips a lot of us up.

It is the difficulty of recognising the difference between a soul love to be cherished for what they brought us and released for your highest good after the lessons and experiences have been learnt and lived. And the soul love that will continue to encourage and stimulate your ever growing spirit or inner self while growing the intensity of love you have for each other.

I believe every partner we have in our life time, are a mate of our soul aka a soul mate. They meet us at the same place that we are currently in. A mirror of yourself is what you attract. So be careful when you are calling your "one" in. If you are in a mentally toxic place your soul mate for that time will meet you equally as toxic and although you may teach other amazing loving lessons there may come a time where one of you will choose growth over remaining in the same toxic, small space. That is when distance begins and we have the choice to grow in separate directions or continue at the same vibration we are living in together. Even if we will never feel truly fulfilled and in some sense always feel limited to what we can or can't do. Neither choice is wrong, just different. Our souls will always learn what it is meant to. But the outcome of both decisions may end up VERY different so that is the choice you have.

The unknown but potential relationship awakened bliss and rising to heights beyond your wildest imagination. Or safety and continuing on the same route we have been on and will continue to be on. Again neither are wrong just different and it truly depends on what you want for your life journey.

The reason I believe, we revert back to feelings of longing for a partner we have left. Even when we know in the truth of our heart space that it was never truly aligned for our highest good, is because we are programmed to stay SAFE. To stay small in a world where for some reason we are shit scared to be alone, or to even get to know who we are as ourselves. As one.

Stepping away from a relationship can be one of the shittiest, most scary and heart reaching experiences of our lives. I mean yes some of you may scoff, thinking I am talking mambo jumbo if you have never experienced a heartbreak. But if you fall head over heals in love and then experience a break up of the kind I speak off you will know what I mean. It can literally be a time of grief. I mean how often do we hear of people even going as far as to take their own lives after losing a partner through break up?! Heartbreak is an intensity of emotional hurt that you do not believe is even possible until you truly experience it. It is horrible to face that humans go as far as this with heartbreak, but it is the truth! Break ups are fucking hard. And scary. And will make you sick to the stomach. But sometimes if we want to choose the best option for the growth of our soul, we have to choose to go down separate paths and that is just how it is. Sometimes the inner voice who just knows what needs to be done is too loud to ignore. And our ego mind HATEs this. Our ego mind fears the shit out of heartbreak. I mean who truly wants to put themselves through the mental, emotional and spiritual even sometimes physical pains of a break up? Even if it does mean a happier, more fulfilled, inspired and uplifted way of living in the end.

My beautiful mentor channeled a message for me at the start of this year and to be honest it freaked me out at the time, I was literally like "Oh FUCK, what am I going to have to do this year 😫" but now as I share this with you all, I absolutely love it and swear by this if you want to make big life changing decisions but are scared to death of them, I still remind myself of this every time I know I am on the brink of making a very hard or big decision.

"Fear of change is never reason enough to delay the step forward. Life is an experience after all."

I also feel the fact that the old school Christian thought pattern that modern day relationships or marriages are weak because we give up to early and don't push on through, needs to be reassessed.

I believe that the old school Pagans had it sussed. Investing in marriages that it was simply understood that sometimes the decisions we make as humans and the individual journeys we are on can sometimes take us down differing paths. It was a simple matter of binding each other's soul to one and other or unbinding souls when life's paths drifted along a different course without any judgment on the matter.

I believe this is how relationships are truly meant to be. Gone are the days where you "made your bed so must continue to lay in it". You always have a choice. Not matter what. The old school belief of "stay miserable in a relationship and push on through, because what will people think" is not healthy in my personal opinion. I mean if that is the choice you make I do not condemn you at all! Each to there own, and you do whatever works for you.

But if you are anything like me, a wee bit of an outcast or non traditionalist, this way of loving or being involved in a relationship would not sit well or fit well into your own life. I am simply encouraging you to trust this and let that old belief be what it was and to create your own beliefs now.

You have the freedom to be who you want, love who and how you want to and move on when you need to. The only one holding you back from that belief, is the prison of your own Ego.

Feeling fear and do it anyway baby. Make decisions for your highest good not for the safety of your fear.

Lots of Love Amy Dee xx

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