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Show Up For Yourself And Feel The Magic

"When you rise up, you rise for She" Rebecca Campbell

Life has been presenting me with a lot of lessons in the past year or two. When I say year or two that was when the universe really started to kick my butt into action, these lessons have been whispering and at times screaming at me for my whole life but I had always been way to stubborn to acknowledge that my life is bigger than my human decisions, and that, no, my ego mind does not always know what is best for me and sometimes it pays to listen to your inner voice, your intuition, your soul voice or just let the universe direct you, whatever you want to call it is fine it all means the same thing to me.

It has been a coming into my own type of feel, an awakening of me, to myself body, mind and soul.

I don't know about you but I have been experiencing a lot of life challenges some amazing, beautiful, fulfilling, inspiring challenges but also quite a few WTF moment challenges where I have absolutely know idea what the lesson is to gain, but I know from past experiences that it all does truly happen for a reason. Okay cliche right? I'm not saying that in the context of "yay, have faith, who cares if your health has turned to shit, or you are a broke ass bitch, or you broke up with the so called love of your life, because everything happens for a reason". I am saying everything does happen for a reason from the perspective of someone who has been far to focused on attempting to control life, other people and the universe and the way everything else in life unfolds that I have missed some amazing opportunities to let the universe show me a brighter more fulfilling future for myself, but not anymore!

The universe, higher power, higher energy, whatever you may choose to call it everyone is different call it what you will, has bigger, better, brighter plans for you than our humanly minds could ever imagine, the trick is stepping back and let her guide you, show up for yourself and do the work towards your highest, truest calling and she will guide you on your merry way.

When you show up for you, that is when the magic truly happens.

As long as I remember I have been feed a life long chain of self limiting lies and beliefs. No one is to blame as the people who have taught me have been passed down these beliefs from lifetimes upon lifetimes of these patriarchal times, that keep us limited. I have been taught to look for happiness externally from myself, for example, I will be happy when I have a qualification, make a lot of money, own lots of things, when I find my "soul mate",when I am skinnier, prettier, have perfect skin and own that perfect house with that precious white picket fence and have an abundance of children that I work my butt off for, as well as do the cooking and the cleaning by day and become a slutty sex slave in the bedroom by night, (okay, a wee bit dramatic, we have come quite far in this aspect of society but there is still a lot to heal and let go off as a whole).

Well I am sorry but that just ain't me!

I have decided to share my own newly set beliefs that are fulfilling my life in more ways than imaginable, I have written this to inspire all you beautiful lady's (and men if you feel the urge) to find your own brightest, most fulfilling future and maybe EVEN find your own, unique life fulfilling beliefs.

Here are some ideas and ways I have learnt to start showing up for you, today:

Show Up For Yourself - Your Only Limit is YOU!

Well it's simple really, there are no rules or regulations to what we can do or achieve in our life time, other than those we put onto ourselves. It is something I have preached for YEARS but have only started consciously putting this into practice in more recent years. It takes healing (self healing and external healing) of old beliefs and stripping back all things unauthentic, unfulfilling and self limiting, but it is so so worth it. I am not saying that the going is easy, no way not at all. When choosing a life of self fulfillment, when we truly reach that nonrestrictive, fulfilling belief that anything you truly want to do from the bottom of your intuitive heart is possible, the hard work actually begins. Ticking along, just accepting our lives in all there boring, depressing, unauthentic and unfulfilling ways is no longer acceptable. Life becomes a challenge within ourselves, but I promise the work will be worth it in the end.

It will take dedication, pushing yourself into uncomfortable situations (mentally, spiritually and physically) beyond what you thought was possible for yourself. The more you show up in all directions of your life, the more clarity you will gain to what it is you truly want and are here to do with your life. The more you show up, the more the soul happiness shows it's beautiful, universally, loving face.

Show Up For Yourself - Foodalicious

Okay, so to be honest, I'm still working on this one on the daily, and I am far from perfect (as I sit here with a raging tummy ache from eating foods that don't sit well with me at all, ooh dear), but I think that is the reason it is all the more important to speak about this, as I think it is a common thing a lot of us woman struggle with.

I have made all the excuses in the world when I fall off the health foods bandwagon (emotional eater much!) but when I am on that beautiful bandwagon man do I feel great!

It can go both ways, as I have been, and I have many friends who have been, on both ends of the scale. Unbalanced, emotional, self limiting, binge eater to self loathing, obsessive, non eater, which is also due to unbalanced emotions and self limiting beliefs. It's all about balance ladies. I think one of the most important things to recognise is not being to hard on yourself in either direction! Accept you are going through a challenging time, and work on your emotional state first and the will to nourish yourself body, mind, soul and food will follow.

Who is straight up sick of digestive issues, I know I am! Wether it is something you have been ignoring or are well aware of, we are all human and will slip up at times.I am sick of the guilt tripping I put myself through after a slip up, aren't you? It is okay to slip up, but whatever you do, do not make excuses around this. Acknowledge the slip up and embrace it for whatever you learnt or experienced from it and just jump right back on that nourishing, whole and organic (when possible) foods vibe. Remember lovelies, your body truly is your only temple in this life time and although that delicious, buttery, glutenous croissant maybe worth it in that 5 minute period of eating it, is it really worth the tummy ache? 😉

Another thing that showing up to your diet will give you is, ENERGY, yay!

Lacking motivation, lust for life and feeling so fatigued you literally want to cry, throw a tanty and quit your job for no good reason other than you want to sleep off your shitty food hangover?

Feeding yourself foods that will nourish you, instead of just fill you up will give you ENERGY! Win!

When you have energy in abundance and no fecking annoying shitty food hangovers, or tummy aches (Hello Amy!) It makes it all the easier, exciting and fun filled to show up to the rest of your beautiful, fulfilled life.

Show Up For Yourself - Mindful Moments

I am a BIG fan of meditation and make a conscious effort to practice it for at least 10 minutes plus a day, but it has definitely NOT always been that way. I recommend it to everyone and anyone, especially if you are wanting to make some big, feel good life changes, but I am well aware it does not come to all easily ( I know, because I was one of them).

When choosing to give meditation a go, it does not even have to be daily, 3 times weekly will suffice and if you can't handle 10 minutes, start with 5 minutes and as you practice you will find you can build on your time. When you choose to practice meditation, you are making a conscious choice to show up for yourself on a mental, spiritual and soulful level. You are giving your ever busy, self restrictive, self abusing, small ego mind a rest, and letting yourself open up on all new levels of consciousness, giving you an opportunity to think about nothing else other than being in that present moment of mindful bliss.

Whatever you do, DO NOT BE HARD ON YOURSELF. You are bound to have a million things come to mind as soon as you want to shut them off, just realise you are thinking again and let those thoughts float out of your mind and focus on your breath or a mantra word of your choice e.g Love, Peace, Abundance, Confidence. Whatever you feel you need to bring more of into your life, with slow, deep, belly and womb filling breaths.

You could also try a guided meditation, I found these very helpful when starting out and still use them on the regular to help heal and release different issues I maybe holding onto.

If you are just super not ready or into meditation at all then not to fear, mindful moments can be found in any shape and form! Yoga, tai chi, dance (in the form of a class, or just in your undies in the privacy of your lounge or bedroom will suffice), singing, chanting, creativity, are all forms of mindful practice in my eyes, I have even found mindful moments while happily and creatively cooking my dinner! Anything that makes you light, bright, and helps you become mindful of being in that present moment, helps your energy flow, and helps you find your own personal release of negative thoughts, energy or beliefs you may have picked up throughout your day.

Mindful Resources I Have Used:

Rebecca Campbell's free Light Sourcing Meditation - check out her Filling Yourself Up Meditation if you are interested, she also has multiple awesome journeys for connecting with your Archetypes of Woman, Meeting your spirit guides, and a Past Life Journey.

Doreen Virtues Cord Cutting Meditation- Check it out on YouTube (note: she is out there, but the content is good if you can get past it)

Yoga with Adrienne - Check her out on YouTube

Marnie McDermott's Meditations

Show Up For Yourself - Shake That Booty

Okay, so twerking may not be for all of us (although it is a great work out if you choose to give it a try according to my bootylicious younger sissy), but honestly moving our body's in whatever way feels good is amazing for not only our physical body but our energetic and soulful body!

When I say shake your booty it can be in anyway you choose, dance, yoga, pilates, gyming, walking in nature, anything you name it!

I am sure you have heard it a million times but exercise of any form that works for you, gets our happy endorphins flowing! Not only does it get those endorphins flowing, help us stay healthy and energised, but it also helps to move any stagnant, yucky, blocked energy so we can move on to the good stuff and heighten our consciousness easier, connect with our intuition easier by removing any crap we are holding on to (which we all do, I don't care what you say we are human) and notice what our intuitive voice really wants us to hear. As well as making us feel better and more confident about ourselves.

It's a process, exercising, for some of us and sometimes there are many factors that come into it. Coming from a family where exercise was never really pushed or encouraged that heavily, along with my own self sabotaging and self abusive thought patterns that I am still to this day working on, I at one time, and I guess sometimes still do hold a little anxiety and fear around exercising in public. OMG the first time I went to the gym! That was a HUGE stepping stone for me! Ridiculous as that may sound to some of you al natural sporty types. So my advice to anyone who can relate or does suffer from a bit of "OMG what if they laugh because I run weird" or "I'm to unfit to exercise in public people will judge" or "What if that cute boy see's my chub jiggle" or to those who just want to cry and hide in the gym toilets in fear and anxiety of the judgement of what can be in our big, harsh and judgemental world. Take a breath, start with what is comfortable. Baby steps and truly practice makes perfect. Listen to your body and don't force yourself to do movements and exercise that you hate but think you HAVE to do because everyone else does it, just find something that works for you.

Something to try:

While reading Lisa Listers book Love Your Lady Landscape (highly, highly recommend by the way, OMG) I came across this little beauty and holy shiz it is a beauty. Set an intention or ask a question to the universe, setting your iPod to shuffle and committing to dancing to the next 3 songs that play, whatever plays next,this is an awesome way to release stagnant energy you maybe holding onto and also gain some clarity or maybe even a little sneaky message hidden in the lyrics or energy of songs that play, if you can stay open minded and open hearted ;). I choose to journal post dance out just to gain that little bit of extra clarity or release for whatever I have worked on or asked.

Show Up For Yourself - Bravado

Be brave! This is a huge one for me and something you should all try to remember when making any life decisions. A while back one of my beautiful teachers Marnie McDermott gave me the mantra to practice daily "I am FEARLESS" and she was so spot on, it was exactly what I needed to move forward and work through my many, MANY fears to begin creating a life I love and need. Although being fearless, to me, is pretty much impossible, I believe the mantra was more encouraging me to be brave, feel the fear and choose to move through it knowing my scary decisions that were to be made, were for my own greatest and highest good.

Life can be scary for us humans. So many decisions to make, dreams to create, risks to take, and choices to act upon and judgement to let go of. The planning, dreaming and scheming is the easy part. The part when we need to show up, be brave and honestly use that powerful mantra "I am fearless" is when it comes to the doing, the action, the creation.

People will ALWAYS have there opinion of you, society will try to shame you, judge you, attempt to suppress and water you down for being different than they think acceptable but in the words of the lovely Lisa Lister "Fuck Society".

So now is the time I post my very first blog post, step through my fear of not being good enough to share my story, that no one will be interested, care or feel the same way, and judge me into suppression but "I am fearless" so here we are. I will it so, so be it.

Amy Dee xxo

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