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Man Hater Rage - MHR

Updated: May 6, 2018

So.................yep. I have for defs had a case of Man Hater Rage, MHR, multiple times in my life. Before you stop reading I am not supporting this mentality. This post is about healing the man hater rage, not encouraging it. But yup, the struggle of MHR is real and present as ever in the age we are living in, any of you ladies feel me?! I mean my most recent bout of MHR started when I innocently thought I would start to offer massage from home, to raise some extra funds to allow me to follow my big lofty dreams easier. But to be honest it has resulted in some SERIOUS man hate feels. And I am starting to get the feeling that I am soo not charging enough to put up with this disrespectful shit, and another issue that I have discovered is that unfortunately, for a single woman, it's just getting to scary to let strange men into my home, even if it is for work. Because although I am all love, light have faith and trust in the good in all people, there are still a lot of people, and a lot of men that abuse this mentality and still carry the old school beliefs that I fight against. This makes me sad. Sad and so fricken mad. I mean man HATE may be a bit strong. But there is DEFINITELY some serious man frustration going on within me at the present time. I have not had ONE female enquiry, which I get, I mean as woman we are now terrified to trust ANYONE. And yes some may say it is MY bad for advertising on facebook, being to trusting of people, being to young, or nieve to offer this type of service but you know what, that fricken sucks. I am not nieve to the fact that men can be creepy, because I have HAD to deal with that shit my whole life and I did expect some weirdos but the amount of creepy clients I have had inquire has left me pulling my fricken hair out. I have accepted two clients as one made sure to PM me so I could give him a quick FB stalk, as ya do, he seemed legit, I took the risk and he was actually lovely. The other was an 88 yr old man, that STILL managed to make me feel uncomfortable, and forced to lie about the fact that I am single woman, to protect my self from his skeezy ways when he inappropriately asked me if I had a partner, while informing me of the ligament torn around his groin area, and continued to ask me why I was covering his body and commenting on the fact that "I must not like exposed nudity" when I was simply professionally draping the towel to "protect" his modesty like I have been trained to as a Spa Therapist, all the while randomly telling me stories of the "yummy mummy's" at his job and the lesbians he knows?! Okay, weird, and please just NO. Some may say I am dramatising, but I shit you not, I have had multiple situations in my time as a PROFESSIONAL, beauty therapist where I have left the treatment room uncomfortable, mentally bruised and feeling literally dirty from some man who seems to think it is okay to behave inappropriately during my massage service aka getting a stiffy 😂 (love that word), trying to grab me, or responding angrily at the completion of the innocent treatment with the statement, "Just Massage?!" 😡. So yes, I have stopped offering home treatments to people I don't know, simply out of fear and also because of my rising case of MAN HATER RAGE. I mean am I meant to advertise, "JUST MASSAGE, NO POST MASSAGE DICK SUCKING, HAND JOBS OR FUCKING SERVICES" to get the clientele I want?! Of course not, but I tell ya what, I fucking feel like it. This man hate rage has been laying dormant within me for a while, it comes and it goes. My inner voice continues to remind me that this is something that desperately needs to be healed and brought back into balance to create a happier and healthier sexy space for woman all over the world, but that does not mean that my ego mind still does not feel the rage. And from what I have learnt through out life so far, our life lessons always arrive when we are ready to face them, so this is the current lesson I am learning at the moment. Healing Man Hater Rage. I have experienced Man Hater Rage throughout the years for a lot of reasons. Here are just some of the common reasons I find Man Hater Rage can creep up. Yes these points some may find very raw and real and may sound a bit harsh to the male species but please bear with me, we do have to face the dark spaces on this one, to discover what can stimulate this rage, to then discover how to work towards healing it: ~ Multiple cheater experiences (some of these are my own causing, and some are not), being cheated on, being cheated with, or even the ATTEMPT of being cheated on can easily raise the man hater rage. Being cheated on, with or betrayal of a sort from a partner can bring up MHR for a lot of us, but woman can be just as guilty in this scenario, so do keep this in mind. This could even cause some Woman Hater Rage for some of the men out there. Which then just causes a cycle of destruction of let's all hate on each other and cheat on each other and make a mess of the man woman dynamic forever. Okay this post is pretty drama, drama but you get the jist. ~ Being treated like the piece of meat, that I am fucking not. Please stop yelling from the street corners at us like a dog, googling at us when we are blatantly not paying you any attention (if we are interested, we will pay you attention). Do not gripe me as a way of introduction, my body is not something you have rights to simply because you are a man. Also when you do not listen to the very simple words, NO THANK YOU with the mentality that NO for some reason means Yes?! Why should we have to respond with FUCK OFF just so you get the picture. Nobody likes confrontation but when you don't respect or listen to our request, it is very challenging for a firey woman like myself not to respond in a harsh and abrupt manner that may hurt your feelings and give me another bloody bout of MHR. ~ Stories of disrespect of other woman. For example: Licking the strippers pussy at your stag doo when you are about to get married, is so disrespectful to your wife to be! Well it's actually cheating in most monogamous relationships. Unless that is, your wife to be consented to those displays of sexual actions, which cool, I understand that all relationships are different. In which case, are you okay with her sucking her own strippers dick? Hmm some how in this scenario, I doubt it. She would be considered a whore, while for some fucked up reason you are considered "The Man"?! Hearing stories of other woman being disrespected behind their back, and in most cases never knowing any better or even discovering or being open to the truth is a huge stimulator of MHR for me. Simply because the woman who is being disrespected is literally being played as a fool, and it does simulate me to question the moral of the majority of the more egoic driven masculine nature as a whole, with the more horrid stories I hear. ~ STI Check Ups Ladies, do not catch chlamydia from that one night stand, because once you inform the douche bag that, because you are a woman and feel the need to be responsible and take care of your health aka get regular check ups and have discovered the unfortunate symptoms. He will blame you and yes even if he was the carrier, I mean if he doesn't get checked, he doesn't have it, am I right. Let alone the fact that you obviously had to have been the one to force his bare dick into your vagina because you 100% wanted an STI and to share it. ~ Culture Shock Okay to be honest I avoid watching the news because I actually love my little bubble of love, light and good vibes. When I do, I find it hard to keep the Man Hater Rage under raps. We are surrounded by it, Donald Trump to example. Cultures world wide where woman are still to this day considered the lessor, and did you know there are still cultures that the woman are forced to sleep with and breast feed the pigs, because apparently pigs are more sacred than woman! Then there are the cultures that fucking cut off the woman's CLITORIS and sew her poor yoni into the tiniest hole ever with the whole purpose of fucking tearing the poor woman open to make her bleed on the night of her first sexual experience! Never again or EVER will her body feel the sacred vibes of orgasm and sensual pleasure! My heart screams out in sadness for these amazing and strong woman. God this makes me so fuming mad, breathe Amy, BREATHE. I mean how fucking horrific is that! We still live in a world where in a lot of spaces through out the world one sex thinks, teaches, lives and breathes that he is better than another. That it is their "sacred" belief to fucking torture, destroy and mutilate a woman's most powerful and pleasurable organ! Let alone the fact that a lot of these operations are done on the mud floor of a shack with a rusty razor blade. And don't even get me started on fucking group rape. You get the picture. My heart hurts I've gotta move on. The world has so so SO much healing to do in the sexy department my honeys, and healing always starts with you, or me, in my own case. So, okay I have got that vent out, now for the more enlightening shiz. We need to learn to un do these vibes of man hater rage, and spread more loving education and enlightenment to our male nation. After all is said and done I also have some bloody amazing male friends, family, past lovers, acquaintances and role models. These are the men of the future, the teachers of the Divine Masculine (even if they don't know it yet) and it is so, so important that we honour these men who so lovingly support us and our super powerful feminine power. It is important that as woman we do not shut ourselves of from the Divine Masculine energy, which is my honeys, JUST as important as the Divine Feminine. Because as we rise as woman, we need our sexy, and loving masculine energies to rise in loving support with us also. When the masculine and feminine energies unite together in loving and supportive harmony that is when the REAL magic will happen. It is ALWAYs about balance beauty's and this is why I am speaking about Man Hater Rage today, because I understand, and know myself how present it is in our modern day and age. How present it can be within me and how present it maybe within you. On a smaller scale and a more personal level, when we fuel the fire of the Man Hater Rage. We are ultimately shutting ourselves off from ever having a healthy relationship with the opposite sex. If you are single and are experiencing the Man Hate (I have been there, and sometimes find myself STILL going there for a second or a day or a week or so depending on the scenario, I'm not judging because it is a tricky one and there are a LOT of men shut off from the truth of the balance situation) but by putting all men in the "I hate you pig" basket, you not only project this negative energy that will only attract more heartless, unawakened men. You also torture yourself to the point of truly believing there are NO good men out there. Which my darlings, is absolutely and simply just not true. There are masses of good men out there, the reason you have been encountering so many heartless men is because the energy you are projecting is ricocheting off the slap in the face life mirror and presenting you with the very thought you have put out into the world. I am not saying you have to love and trust every single man in the world. Of course I want you to use your common sense and intuition in all relationship scenarios. I just want you to try your best to soften when you start feeling that sinking, burning, dark and draining anger of Man Hater Rage. When we start to understand that some of these men, these men who hurt, abuse, shame, and disrespect us are a result of something bigger than me and you. Something that lifetimes, upon lifetimes have created, The Patriarchy. It begins to make sense that these men simply don't understand that what they are doing is not for the highest good of us all, they are beliefs that have been passed down to them from lifetimes upon lifetimes of Patriarchal and very messed up, old and wrong teachings and the only way to awaken us all, man and woman, is to stand true in our feminine power. As the feminine is the energy that is lacking in a Patriarchal set up, in simple terms, Man over Woman. The Patriarchy is something that will not be healed by the hateful vibes you may want to send out. It is something that can only be healed from a place of softness, of purity, of honesty, love and truth. Some of us will never awaken in this life time and that is something we must learn to accept, but the more you share your message, light and your love. The more light, love and supportive, caring and respectful men will rise and surround you. If your a lesbian, you maybe thinking, I don't care I like fanny, but please still pay attention gorgeous lady! You may not be interested in indulging in a romantic or physical relationship with a man but as humans, there are only two types in this world that we share, Woman and Men. (Unless you are a mix of both of course in which case this is still just as important, obvs) So yes my lovely lesbian friends, this post is very relevant to you also. As this topic effects us ALL as a whole. Hating men is never going to change anything in the world for the highest good of us all, pushing all the anger on to the men of the world is not going to heal us in the long term. And the thing about Patriarchy is that although it is an imbalance of Masculine Energy to Feminine Energy, it still has a lot of woman supporting and practicing society and patriarchal ways of thinking, doing and being. Yes I do believe men as a stereotype have a super long way to go to truly understanding the true power and purpose of a woman. But you know what, so do a lot of woman. The best way to work through any man hater ways is to face them head on with softened but powerful boundaries. Know your true worth, know his worth, try to understand the masculine energy and try to understand where these false and sometimes horrible beliefs have come from. Choose to stand in your power and instead of holding onto that anger for life, turn that anger into passion and begin to educate the very necessary masculine to a different, more fulfilling and light lead way of being. Our men need our loving support also my lovelies, they are worthy of it as we are worthy of theirs. Support our men as we rise, to rise with us in love and light, for the highest good of us all. Lots of Love Amy Dee xxo

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