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Lets Talk About Sex Baby!

Any of you who know me, know I LOVE talking about sex.

I love having those deep, dark, secret sexy convos with my friends and sometimes not even friends just acquaintances. Okay that came out wrong 😂 . When I say sexy convos I mean the type of conversation, where you open up with someone you trust and get real about the deepest secrets of your sexy soul and I'm not talking communication with your lover (although this is equally if not more important) but I believe talking with your friends and people you trust about sex, love and relationships is super important for growth and healing as well as being an awesome form of sex ed. The new position you tried last night, that horrible one night stand your still grieving over, your new sex toy, what makes you tick, what makes your partner tick, what works for others, what others hate and so on. These are the reasons I am encouraging you to all step out of your comfort zone and talk about sex:

Confidence - Talking about sex with your peps will give you confidence and confirmation that you are on the right track if you are a little bit unsure of yourself in the bedroom. It awakens you to new ideas on sex. It will also light a fire with in you that yes sex is natural and you are normal for doing it, be brave and embrace that sexy fire of desire 😉.

Sex Education - What better way to learn about sex but in the form of trial and error practiced advice from your peps. Whether it be something you have been curious about but never been brave enough to embrace, favourite sex positions to reach ultimate climax, the difference between a circumcised and an uncircumcised penis, a sex fear that you want to overcome, the best sex toy to buy for your first time or a dodgy vagina symptom that has left you wondering (yes talk to your friends in this case for emotional support, but ALWAYS get regular doctor check ups beauty's, especially if you are having unprotected sex on the regular). Whatever it maybe, talking about sex with people you trust or who are open to it will teach you so much about sex and how to achieve the sex life of your dreams and even how to learn to love sex if you currently don't.

I AM WORTHY - Talking about sex can also help you to remember and understand your worth. I know there have been far to many times in my life in the past where I have been dating or purely just sexing someone who treats me like dirt, or the whore that I am not. But honestly by continuously choosing to return to that person or continuously choosing to sleep with the same stereotypical man with no respect to my humanity and feelings let alone my poor pussy, I was allowing myself to believe that this is what I was worth. To be treated like a disrespected body for some silly, uneducated and heartless man to stick his dick into. Speaking to your friends about sex will help to open your mind to what you are truly worthy off. You are worthy of amazing, caring and loving sex, with the care to your needs as a woman, duuurrrr. It is always your choice to change your unhealthy sex habits, but sometimes the people we talk about sex with, if they are brave enough to cut the crap and be honest with you will help to spark an awakening in you to the true worth of your soul, and your pussy 😻.

Support - Sex can be amazing, awesome, empowering, orgasmic and all that good shit but let's be real for a second. There are sometimes, sexual encounters that can leave us traumatised, depressed, full of man hate or self hate, scared, used and abused. Especially being a woman. Rape is one obvious scenario of this and something that needs some serious post healing and support, and talking about it with your people can help this. But there are so many other situations that we can also experience that aren't even labeled as "rape" because we consented or allowed it to happen, even if we didn't want to. But sometimes as growing and sometimes insecure woman we have done so out of fear of rejection or fear of losing someone we love, or being overly intoxicated is a big one, or sometimes we have done so in the mental state of "who gives a fuck" and have used sex as a detached way to pick ourselves up from our already accumulating issues which in turn, in most cases, gives us more issues to accumulate and the need for even deeper healing. Whether it was the guy who wouldn't stop pressuring you while you were drunk so you gave in just to shut him up, or the guy who you had a life long crush on that you new in your heart just wanted a fuck from you, or the guy you said no to while you were drunk and incoherent but continued to fuck your face while you silently cried in disgust. We may allow things like this and similar to happen and have no claim to "rape" but these situations are FAR more common than you think, and in most cases are never verbalised out of shame and fear. The majority of girls I have spoken to have similar situations where we have been degraded or forgotten our worth and in these times we need support from our friends and loved ones more than ever! So speak out lovelies! We need to have each other's backs more than ever in a time where rape, sexual detachment and sexual abuse and harassment is becoming more and more normalised. If you find it challenging to do it for yourself, speak out for our younger generations, your future children, your little brothers and sisters.

Speaking out about sex, needs to be normalised to bring our sexuality back into balance and to normalise and honour the sexual nature of woman. It's time to talk about sex the good and the bad. By talking about it you release your hurts, you release your own trauma and you teach others about standing up for your worth as a woman. You teach of pleasure and the power in your panties. You learn the importance of equality and the importance of embracing and understanding that you are worthy, you are love and you are lusty. The way sex is seen in this modern day world needs to change, please help be that change. Lets talk about sex baby!

P.s Beautiful ladies, if you have no one to talk about sex with, start with me, I am always here in support of your sexual journey.

Lots of Love Amy Dee xxo

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