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Going Bush | Why I Tried it & What I Discovered About Myself.

Oh Hello There!

I over the past 6 months or so, decided to step away from the wax and the razor, and grow out my pussy and underarm hair and even, for a while, my leg hair. Much to the horror of my clients in my beauty biz, LOL, so controversial I love it. I decided to go on this furry journey for a couple of reasons.

One being I suffer from severe ingrown hairs, well they aren’t actually ingrown as it turns out after MANY doctor visits. I new this for years being a therapist and knowing the difference but after many years of battling with this fuckery of a skin disorder I finally had a doctor diagnose my disorder with some lengthy name I can’t remember right now and it turns out that the docs don’t know a shit load about it and have told me that it’s just “bad luck” and there’s nothing I can really do about it. I find waxing, shaving and the rest can make this disorder worse so I thought fuck it, Im going bush. I will write more about this in my book as this disorder has been a MASSIVE sexy and life block for me and it just goes to show that you NEVER know what other people are going through as this condition occurs in intimate areas of my body, aka my bikini line, underarms, and sometimes the backs of my legs so unless you have been intimate with me (oh wait, haha, maybe you do know what I’m suffering from….JK guys ;) ) or are one of my close friends or family members you would never know.

Secondly being the fact that my furriness has always been something that I have hated, and have used as an excuse to hate on my sweet bod. I really wanted to work on getting to a place within myself that I could and would allow myself to feel sexy, beautiful, pretty, cute (whatevs) just the way I am, furr and all.

Thirdly a hairy pussy is something I think in a modern day age, any of us die hard waxer’s (like I most certainly have been for YEARS) have created a phobia about. Especially if we are sexing up a new sexy friend for the first time! OMFG no way I can not sex him with my pussy looking like this, all cute and furry and shit. I mean come on girls get a fucking grip, I get it a smooth pussy can be the bomb but so can a fluffy one to! And it is so fricken over due that we let go of this big shame driven and peer pressured belief go.

Fourthly I wanted to create the bravery to honor my divinity, my worth and my love for myself in the fact that I am worthy of a lover who will take me AS I AM, regardless of what maybe their personal “preference” because actually, this body that I reside in, she is fucking MINE not yours and you will not hold the power of what I do or don’t do to her. And if your going to turn down my pussy with a little bit of fluff on her then you aren’t bloody, damn worthy of her sweet lovin anyway!

Oh and Fithly, it fucking hurts waxing your pussy. And right now I’m just not having a bar of it, I’ve had enough pain with the skin condition I have, let alone forcing myself to wax or laser her any more if I choose not to.

At first this process of going bush was really bloody challenging, as ridiculous as it sounds. I felt self conscious when sexing my lover at the time, and even sexing myself, I felt “dirty” for some reason, which is actually bloody ridiculous, I mean I was still showering on a daily basis so why is it that waxing has become the “clean” thing to do, I mean its obvs the smooth thing to do, but I disagree that it is the “clean” thing to do. The “clean” thing to do is to fucking shower on a regular basis isn’t it?! I would find myself being ashamed to take my cardi off when wearing a singlet in case people saw my furry underarms, and actually I still catch myself doing this every now and then or avoiding raising my arms etc, but I am now finding it some what empowering learning the art of truly not giving a fuck about others opinions on how I choose to express myself and to present my body to the world, and extremely self loving to allow myself the space and time to truly connect to who I am, who I want to be with all the extra time I have not spending my life worrying and obsessing about riding myself of furriness sometimes on a daily basis (if shaving obvs).

I can honestly say that I love my fluffy pussy, just as she is, and actually kinda like the way she looks with a little bit of fur on her more now! #pussypower. I am not saying that I will never wax again, because honestly, I am a woman of many phases, but for now a tidy bush is the way for me, but tbh these pits have gotta go I am OVER them.

Moral of the story, be true to yourself, do what feels right to YOUR body, mind and soul, and please learn to love yourself just as you are.

Lots of love

Amy Dee xxo


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