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Giving Up The Sex Show

Hey Guys!

Today I want to talk about grounding your sexual energy and allowing yourself to truly feel the sensations of your sex. I have been writing my book today and have been working on the chapter about the importance of connecting with your base chakra and your inner Empress Archetype of The Divine Feminine Sexual Archetypes and it got me to thinking about being in the moment regarding your sexy time.

Having sex in a modern day world of porn, sexual pressure, and physical insecurities it has become so easy for us to get caught up in the act of DOING sex that we have forgotten the part of BEING present in our sexual essence and sensations.

I know I personally have been caught up in the past of putting on a "sexual act" weather intending to or not. And no I am not just talking of faking orgasms, although for sure that has a big part to play in eliminating or limiting orgasm time. I mean, come on how many of us have done it just to avoid seeing that disappointment or disheartened expression on your sexy lovers face when he or she realises you have not come to completion, or in some cases simply to avoid an argument of "WHY DON'T YOU ORGASM" as though that's going to turn you on and solve all your sexual fear and insecurity. Ahhh Sexual pressure am I right! Not a turn on boys!

The sexual situations where you are so caught up in how you may or may not look. Where you are so caught up in your physical insecurities and worries while having sex that you simply aren't paying any focus or attention on to the physical sensations and mind blowing orgasmic potential, that you most times, end up short in the orgasm department.

There are also other situations that I will be so busy trying to come across as "Sexy" e.g am I moaning enough, does he like this, that or the other thing that the thought of my own satisfaction simply flys out the window. The focus of "Acting Sexy" needs to change with us woman if we are to achieve a more satisfying and orgasmic sex life.

This post is directed mostly at woman as most of my posts are but how many of you find yourself unintentionally faking it simply out of fear of hurting our loved ones? Or being so self conscious around what we look like during the act of sex that we will bearly feel or notice the amazing sensations let alone embrace them.

Grounding your sexual energy is so important. Sometimes it is as simple as breathing into your womb and yoni space (I am talking 3 or more deep belly breaths focused on your yoni and womb) as you start to get hot and heavy with your partner and setting the intention to show up in the bedroom for yourself as well as connecting with your sex friend. Quit the act, close your eyes, breathe, settle into your body and feel your sexual energy and sensations flow.

If your partner is true for you he will not give a flying fuck what you look like in the moment of sexual pleasure, well actually he will love that shit. So why are you so concerned about the sexy act? Be brave, look into your partners eyes or close them whatever feels comfortable and settle in for the sexy ride acknowledging that you already ARE sexy and no act is needed. Instead of focusing outwardly turn your intended sexy focus on the body shaking, yoni tingling vibrations of sexual energy and allow your orgasms to roar.

You are sexy, no acting needed.

Lots of Love Amy Dee xxo

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