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Dirty Little Soul Secrets

I am a big time over shearer. Always have been and always will be. I love having those conversations that make others and at times myself uncomfortable, purely because of the honesty that is involved. There is a lot of shame pointed at over sharing, like it is something to be ashamed of or that you are gross or a bit fucking weird for over sharing especially around sex and relationships, but you know what, over sharing has made me the open minded, more awakened and more confident version of myself that I am today.

Okay so as much as I love those deep and meaningful, raw sex convos there is a definitely a catch to over sharing and I have learnt this the hard way multiple times. When you over share with the wrong people it can end in disaster. Not every one is open minded or even want to be and that is their right as a human being so by no means am a saying try to change that but it is something to be aware of. Trying to change others will just exhaust your energy and leave you feeling frustraighted and disheartened. When over sharing it is important to be conscious of your audience. If you are speaking of something personal to you or your situation whatever it maybe. Be prepared to be judged, ridiculed and shamed if you are over sharing with someone not true for you, weather it be in a relationship or a friendship. Those who matter won't mind remember. So set some beautiful boundaries in your life lovelies. Know who you can be raw and real with and who won't give you the inspiring or positive responses you may need when over sharing your sexy soul secrets.

What does over sharing have to do with dirty secrets you may ask?

I believe that over sharing helps to break down the honesty blocks we hold inside of all of us. I believe we all intentional or unintentionally keep secrets from our selves about ourselves and an amazing way to bring to light what you really need to know in any moment is to get raw and real by expressing the deep dark secrets of your soul.

A lot of us, me included keep secrets from ourselves regarding sex and relationships. May it be the single, chronic tinder queen or boy jumper (the girl who jumps from and on one boy to the next) telling her self "I just want casual sex because men a fuck tards" when really the secrets of her inner self is just truly wanting to be loved by the man of her dreams. All the while accumulating more and more sexy blocks and attracting ALL the wrong kind of loving. The scardy cat girl going to bed with her long term "safe" partner every night thinking "Is this really the life I am trapped in forever" longing for the soulful connection of a soul mate and the feeling of freedom but being to afraid to face her soul secrets and step into the brief and necessary hurt followed by life embracing, love and life enhancing healing to follow. The girl who makes excuses for her mostly loving but not so nice partner who belittles, controls and treats her poorly more than good all because she loves him and he has issues of his own that he is keeping secret from himself. She continues to keep soul secrets from herself that "He will change and it's not that serious", all the while suffering from constant anxiety and fear of loving herself enough to let the light back in and set her soul free to be her. Or it can even as simple as keeping your sexy desires or dislikes secret in order to "please" others. This secretive shiz ain't gunna get us no where beauties.

Shine a light on your sexy soul secrets:

Grab your journal and at the top write in your own words "The soul secrets I am keeping from myself today". List everything that spews out from the depths of your heart space, I say spew because some maybe a bit messy, but that is okay let it spew 😉. Shining a light on your sexy or relationship soul secrets will help you to become truly honest with yourself about what you want from life, love, relationships and sex. Honesty is the key to healthy relationships and a healthy sex life. Honesty with not only your partner, but with your friends, your family and most importantly honesty with yourself.

No more dirty little soul secrets beauty's. Let's get messy, lovey and soulfully sexy.

​Lots of Love Amy Dee xxo

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