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Dance To The Beat Of Your Own Drum

Be prepared for my own personal raw, authentic present contemplative life details.

Over the past couple of months I have been in a bit of a glum. Retreating into myself so to speak. So this post is a message of humanity and remembering to trust the ebb and flow of your own life. It is okay to spend more time resting, hiding and retreating than in the public social scene or even the sexy scene if that is what your soul is calling you to do.

I have been stepping forward into tests of my own soul to my human self, tests of my own faith in my own amazing intuitive gifts and tests from the universe of questioning who do I really want to be, what do I really want to do with my life and am I dedicated enough to create my most loving, inspired and fucking amazing life. And to be honest, this shit is FUCKING hard and FUCKING scary. Yes I have a potty mouth, you will get use to it.

It is Autumn, and I believe living with seasons is so important to recognise and become aware of. Autumn is the month that what is not for us falls away to make space for the new and wholly shit has a lot been falling away. I have just stepped away from a long term relationship that was no longer for my highest good, (and yes it was during Venus Retrograde, I know a lot of people I have spoken to recently have experienced the same). I have just moved countries and cities, AGAIN, I have distanced myself from family, and let go of old friends that I do care for but that no longer hold the same values or energy and opinions as I do purely because I have felt the need to create the space within myself to dedicate purely TO myself. In turn, the bonus is I have started a blog, a book, planning my Sexy Goddess Embracing workshops (still yet to have a beautiful name allocated, suggestions welcomed and a date set) and started planning my 1 to 1 sex and self love coaching services. But to be honest it is all pretty overwhelming and yep you guessed it fucking scarey.

Going through big life changes seemingly all on my lonesome, even writing this bloody blog is a challenge of the fight between my Ego Mind (my human mind) living our of fear, self doubt and harsh self judgements and my Soul Voice who is simply encouraging me to step into my most helpful and joyfully loving self. But the call is so strong now, that beat is calling me to dance so you know what, Ima feel that fear and dance this shiz out anyway.

Don't even get me started on my own personal sex and dating life right now. Every thing is literally on pause in my own life but you know what, intuitively that is A Ok for where I am at at the moment. I am temporarily celibate, in the healing and self discovery phase of my own life working on attracting the relationship I truly want to be involved in, stripping back the self sabotaging habits of my past, aka jumping on the next one if you know what I mean 😉 in a fake sense of healing which personally has not and does not serve my beautiful soul or complex mind one little bit. So here I am preaching to you beautiful souls, SEX YOUR BRAINS OUT, while I'm sitting here doing the complete and utter opposite.

But this is what the intention of this post holds. Listen to yourself! Listen to your needs! Do a sexy dance to the beat of your own drum! Sometimes we are going to sex it up and that is beautiful, mind blowing, soul and energy enhancing if we are doing it right but sometimes, turning to self love, of every kind 😉 is all that we need and sometimes a necessity that we must muster the strength and discipline to do so if we want to attract the love life we truly desire and deserve. Everything I speak of on this blog, in my future book (that I will bloody finish, I tell, myself) or in future workshops and 1 to 1 sessions are to inspire you to have a beautiful and HEALTHY love, sex and soulful life not purely a life dictated or orientated around sex for any of you who may mis understood my message. Sex is beautiful, incredible and literally full of magical experiences (more on this at a later date as I get witchy woo on your ass) but there are times that self loving needs to be acknowledge for all of its beautiful power also.

We are all intuitive, tune into your heart space and you will know what your soul truly needs in any moment. Out of our heads ladies and into our heart and our yoni space let her speak her needs and listen to her beautiful soulful voice.

Sexed up or not. I got your sexy goddess back.

Lots of love Amy Dee xx

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