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My Story 

Hi Babes!

Here is the page in which you will find out more about me. Where I am from, a little bit of my background and how I came to be aware of my psychic and spiritual skill set. Because that’s what it is babe, a skill, not necessarily a gift as most of you could do what I do if you practiced enough, worked on your own limiting and fear based blocks and kept an open mind to “anything” being possible.

Anyway, here is my story.

I was born in New Zealand and raised on the Coromandel Peninsula. It was early on in life that I was taught how to use crystals, pendulums and other “hippy dippy” tools from my mum and dad who dabbled in such things at the time, followed on by my early teen years and the little spiritual clan I created with my two best friends age 12 with our fave movies revolving around “scary” spirits and witches and our afternoons spent practicing how to make each other “levitate” of Jessica’s bedroom floor and asking my dad’s pendulum and Aymee’s dads ancient Tarot cards about which boys had crushes on us at school and which of our friends parents would separate, with a couple of the answers being super accurate much to our horror, surprise and excitement.

As I hit my mid to late teen years I let go of most of this spiritual goo gah I was far too busy trying to survive teen hood and turned my focus to boys, friends, and parties as a lot of teens do, I also battled with extreme sadness, self-harm, eating disorders and had been sexually abused by the age of 14 by my first sexual partner which did not come to light for me until more recent years, but which set me up with pretty imbalanced and unhealthy ideas around what sex was all about, so yep, I was navigating some, stuff.

I trained as an aesthetician at age 18 and graduated into my first job as a therapist at 19. It was at this age that my soul self was slowly trying to wake me up again. I had started reading my first spiritual book by Kelvin Cruickshank (a NZ psychic) and one random day I got called into work on my day off to massage some clients that had been over booked, I was hungover and shaking and in usual circumstances I would have said no but this was not a usual circumstance. It turns out the woman I was to massage was a psychic medium (although I did not know this at first) as I was massaging her she started to rattle of things about me that she could not know, (still not telling me she was a practicing psychic) “oh you have two sisters” she said and then followed on describing them to a tee, which afterwards she then mentioned “Sorry I am a psychic and they don’t usually come through like this but they want me to give you some messages, is that okay?”, “Oh okay” I replied with uncertain fear. She told me I would go to Australia but then I would come back and go to the UK (which I had been pondering on both), she then finished with “You can do this, what I do, you are Clairvoyant, you just don’t want too because you are scared”, taken a back I scoffed, “I have no idea what she is talking about” I thought, “I have not had any “spiritual” experiences she’s full of it”. But I was grateful for the experience regardless, I thanked her for the messages and explained I wasn’t sure what she meant about me being Clairvoyant, but I had just started reading Kelvin Cruickshank’s book and thought it was awesome, but did scare me a little bit.


Around this time, I had also separated from my high school sweetheart, I had what I call my first slutty pant’s phase. I used drinking, drugs and sex as my way to numb out the trauma I had experienced in life so far, this actually led me into a downward spiral and created more issues as you can imagine and more trauma for me to work through in later years to come. This would not be my last slutty pant’s phase though; it became a pattern and a way I attempted to navigate my heartbreak or pain through most of my early-mid-twenties. Which is why I think the universe was trying to send me messages much to my ignorance, but we learn what we must in the school of life, even if the ways we learn are the long and hard way.

I mention this because the slutty phases of my life had such a huge impact on me body, mind, soul and sexually which is why on waking up I was informed that this is my message, and my soul purpose in this lifetime, my “TOO MUCH” and is why I am here today. To support other woman just like me and unlike me to find balance, health, harmony, love and deep soul connection sexually all while embodying the joy and pleasure it was always meant to bring for us.




I had a couple of mildly intuitive moments during my early twenties like predicting a boyfriend I would cross paths with age 23 (way before it happened or I was even attracted), and then following  the separation of that same relationship, an experience that saved my suicidal self that I can only describe as a spiritual understanding of what would come next and an overwhelming sense of peace just as I was about to abandon myself in a permanent way.


After this experience I began working with a spiritual mentor and healer I meet through an old boss Marnie McDermott, she had the same messages “You are Clairvoyant, you are meant to be doing this work” and of course many other messages of travel and self-healing etc. I still did not believe I was psychic though, “that is only something special people can do”, I told myself ruling it out for me completely.


It wasn’t until I moved overseas to the UK age 25 and was stripped of everything, I thought I was and everything I thought I had to be that my spiritual growth and awakening accelerated beyond anything I ever believed possible. I had one of my strongest Clairaudience experiences I have ever had, and beyond that I new there were only two possibilities.

  1. I was either schizophrenic   

  2. I was psychic as fuck!


Thank goodness I was surrounded by spiritual mentors who would teach me the truth of my psychic abilities. Because being labeled schizophrenic for such a sacred skill would have been traumatizing and a waste as fuck.


From there I went to Scotland, lived on an island for two months, grew my spiritual self through meditation, yoga, and crystal healing, brought my first pack of Angel Tarot Cards, started to see more and more visions, and had my first connection with a spirit guide. I then returned to Brighton, England where I had started my UK experience and found a spiritual teacher who taught me the foundations of my psychic/mediumship development and spiritual healing, I started to attend spiritual events and dedicated myself intensely (too intensely to be honest) on growing my spiritual connection.


After the UK, I went on and continued my travels for a while through Australia where I started my blog and began doing unpaid and then after a while, paid intuitive (or psychic) readings for clients and would go on to study my Reiki Masters on returning to NZ where I started my spiritual biz offering healing and intuitive guidance to clients based around body, mind, soul and sex, while also working as a beauty therapist in Auckland. Fast forward 5 years and here I am today, stepping deeper into the teachings of my soul and still working with clients 1:1 and in groups online on topics of body, mind soul and sex and loving every minute of it.


I also birthed my baby at home 1 year ago and that was a whole spiritual awakening in itself…..childbirth. Followed by a deep cracking open………motherhood.


There you have it babes, a brief overview of how I came to discover this work, well how it discovered me really, because once you hear a voice in your head, like a clear as fuck one, that is not your own, you don’t really have any other choice but to accept, celebrate and learn more about your spirituality, unless you want to pretend that you are crazy of course, but that’s lame babes, owning your magic is a much healthier and courageous choice.

Lots of love

Amy Dee xxo

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