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Amy Dee Art

Infusing concepts from tantric and esoteric philosophy, mysticism, feng shui, energy medicine, law of attraction and of course empowered sexual expression using watercolour.

I bring you artworks by Amy Dee Thomson



Sacred Simplicity Artworks by Amy Dee Thomson

Sacred Simplicity

Between the sheets, when our bodies meet. I receive you. I receive you. This is me.


Come with me

She meet's him at the door stark naked and smiling cheekily, she has been longing for his touch, he smirks with a smoldering grin as he enters the door and whisper's "come with me" as he carry's her to their bedroom.  

Lady Kisses Artworks By Amy Dee Thomson

Lady Kisses

Our lady in blue steps into her cool and receiving yin energy to welcome and receive the pleasures her lady love blesses her pussy with, while her temple worshiping counterpart steps into her yang, channeling the energy of the sun to become the giver of love, pleasure, and energy. 

Galaxy Pussy Artworks By Amy Dee Thomson

Galaxy Pussy

The universe is within her. Past the gateway of her galaxy pussy is her cosmic womb. She is connected to all that is, has ever been and will ever be.



“Not tantric, just mad” is the message of this piece and while painted with the intention of channeling sexual energy as an expression of anger (potentially) at the patriotic male, she is doing so in a way that brings loving connection as she cuts away at the ego of her man to initiate the wisdom and truth within him with her dominance and sits upon her throne. Reminding him of her power, her grace, and her strength. She is mad. And he ain’t mad about it.

Wild Woman Artworks By Amy Dee Thomson

Wild Woman

The primal and no fucks given essence of the wild woman full of rage turning passion, after years of suppression she is making her come back. She rises and with it we feel, everything. The pain’s, the anger, the disrespect, the dishonor, the sadness and shame, and once felt we transmute these energy’s into pleasure, desire, self-expression, expansion of the soul, confidence, creativity, activism for something bigger than ourselves and reconnection to every piece of us not just the pretty and patriarchal accept bits, but fucking ALL of us. You are not here to be only the nice girl, the pretty, loving, kind and friendly girl, you are multifaceted, and the wild woman expresses it all the good, the bad, the ugly. She is HER and life herself and by honoring and integrating her energy we live fully through her.

Her archetype is connected to the sacral chakra as represented in orange.

Take Me Artworks by Amy Dee Thomson

Take Me

As the morning sun touches her skin through the kitchen window, he’s reminded of her essence, of the beauty, and truth that she is, love. In that moment he needs her, to be in union with her love. She welcome’s him as he cherishes her every being.



This beauty is a reclamation of love for my own booty smothered in pinks and yellows to empower the heart and solar plexus chakra this queen is the perfect piece to mount any boudoir wall or shelf.


Freedom to love

They break the chain’s by simply choosing to love on their own terms, regardless of the stigma’s, the pain’s, the complications, shame and fear that can come with loving in an alternative way to the patriarchal preaching.  

This painting stands for the bravery and courage it takes to love in an alternative way, it honor’s those who lead the way for other’s terrified to embrace their inner knowing’s just by being true to them, embodying the true longings of their heart, sexual expression and love.

Gender is irrelevant and so relevant at the same time. But the notion that one shall dictate whom we love is one we no longer stand for. And this is what this painting stand’s for

Our right to love. Who we love. Freedom to love.

Yab yum Artworks by Amy Dee Thomson

Yab Yum

The very essence of sacred union.

The rock in the ocean is the concept of yab yum.

Him the rock, her the ocean. Yin and yang, feminine and masculine, shakti and shiva, in union as one with no concept of time they sway.


All current originals can be made into prints. Displayed below are print only artworks.

Warrior Women Watermark.jpg

Warrior Woman

I channeled this energy whilst standing on the beach, healing my heart in the midst of separation from my son’s father.

She is a symbol of strength in adversity, a warrior woman who in the face of inequality and unjust happenings in life, rises with ease and grace after falling into the depths of her shadow. She fight’s for what is important but leave’s her pride to fall away as she understand that fighting for the nonsense exhaust’s but fighting for love is what matter’s in the scheme of her life. She stands for us, for our Earth, for her son, for her daughter, for her lover’s and her friends. She stands for HER and she fight’s for her right to be free and loved.

Pash Watermark.jpg


Her loving touches his lips and ignites his heart, his receiving and cool sexual pole. The warmth he gifts her in exchange ignites her PASHion.

Evil Eye Watermark.jpg

Evil Eye

A protective painting, painted with the intention to protect you from unauthentic, emotionally unavailable, ill-intentioned and unkind lovers, place this beauty in the love corner of your house (check out a bagua map in accordance with Feng Shui) or in a special spot of your boudoir.

The original Evil Eye has been found through thousands of years of history through many cultures from Latin America, some Asian countries as well as Greece and Turkey and traditionally 4 layers of blue, white, and black and is most commonly used to ward off evil intentions or to absorb bad intentions, although the meaning of the symbol varies from person to person, culture to culture

Somethings Cooking Watermark_edited.jpg

Something's Cooking

In feng shui the kitchen is important to the health of our love lives so she heats things up to keep thing’s spicy.

Yin + Yang Watermark.jpg

Yin & Yang

The symbol of yin & yang, a symbol of balance, the balance of our feminine and masculine energies.

The feminine being the yin and masculine being the yang. Traditionally yin is represented as black and yang as white but in this symbol, I have used cool and warm colour’s to demonstrate the nature of both energies instead of black and white, which in the eyes of some can be misunderstood as evil and good or race which both do not honor its true essence. In this symbol we can deeper understand the teachings of yin & yang and it’s sweetness of polarities. The importance of them both in the coming home to more of our equilibrium.  One is not more important than the other.

Yin being the feminine, cool, receiving, bringing beauty and life to the world, restful, connected to the energy of the moon.

Yang being the masculine, warm, giving, consciousness and the container to hold, protect and bring logic, active, connected to the energy of the sun.

Both reside within us all men, woman and those who associate with no gender at all.

These are represented by dots of opposing colour’s, the energies within the energies.

Lady Love Watermark.jpg

Lady Loving

A sacred surrender of the moon to the sun in the early hours of the morning in which all facades are dropped and our moon allows herself to be vulnerable enough to ask for what she wants and to receive her wise sun’s loving leading in a new day, a rebirth which is her orgasm.

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